JULY 30, 2013 - MAY 23, 2014
Ruby on Rails 4, MySQL, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, jQuery, redis, Resque, cron

The project was interesting as it was my first forray into the world of Rails development. I wanted to create a 'compulsive clicking game' that was infectious to play. It borrowed heavily from Diablo 2 (PC) and Cookie Clicker (Flash, PC, Mac). The objective was to collect the best items in the game, either through hard work or smart trading.

The project itself was a mess. As a 'first' web application project, the codebase left a little to be desired, which is as expected, however, aside from that the feature management was all over the place. I started creating features with no real goal. It was really nose to the grindstone from the beginning. I had an idea about what I wanted from the end result, but there was no regard to how features would intelligently interact. This led to a jumbled mess of models and their purpose, unnecessary ajax calls, and overall, really complicated javascript to play with Bootstrap.

If I were to start the project over, I would plan on setting out the base framework, insofar as to have basic interactions laid out. I would also try to encapsulate each action a little more. Another key place that I would improve upon would be the design. I knew I wanted it "dark," like some of the source material it was referencing, however, there was no direction. If one uses greys upon greys upon greys, their UI is going to be very hard to navigate. What are 'actionable' greys, what are not. What dark color is a 'call to action?' Does it successfully grab the users attention? What about the layouts of the information? It was all thrown together, really. The idea was to iterate and iterate, but the initial complexity added by css override classes were just compounded the larger the project got.

Ultimately the skills learned and objectives of the project were rolled into a new project that is structured far better than Nori. RIP."