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DECEMBER 11, 2018 - JANUARY 07, 2019

Satchel is an inventory management system for games akin to old-school RPGs such as Diablo.

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Timeless Online


Timeless is an online game that evolved from my "Nori" project. With programmer experience comes more sophistication in said programmers code, and Timeless represents this notion well.

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JULY 01, 2014 - FEBRUARY 13, 2015

Overqualified was a pet project that was going to sell t-shirts. It turns out Chicago is a somewhat difficult city to sell physical merchandise out of when you're on a budget, so we had to scrap the project.

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CTA Tracker

MARCH 04, 2014 - APRIL 16, 2014

A little project I whipped up to work with graph APIs as well as searching through lists to access specific information. A user clicks all of the stops on the Chicago train line system they have been to and the program tells them information about their time riding the rails.

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patschreiber (site)


This website! Hope you enjoy reading.

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JANUARY 20, 2014 - JULY 24, 2014

Incense keeps track of perishable foods in your fridge (or cabinet, or kitchen) and alerts you when something is about to spoil. Never waste food or money again.

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DECEMBER 01, 2013 - DECEMBER 02, 2013

Compulsive clicking game. The project stipulations were to make a game over a long holiday weekend. Constraints included feature management due to time as well as quick prototyping and execution

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JULY 30, 2013 - MAY 23, 2014

Nori is a game about collecting, trading, and improving. Collect items. Play with your friends. Trade around the world.

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