In my spare time, one of my hobbies is making music. I enjoy that the technical challenge attached to the craft, which is similar to programming, but the problems encountered are different. It's also super rewarding to be able to listen to something you created at the end of the day.

I've never previously learned music theory, so the quality can vary, but it's fun and you get to see my progression from "person who barely knows how to use the program" to now. Check me out on soundcloud for my hobbyist music production:

Hopefully the newer productions sound better than the older ones.

I've also been an avid Spotify user since ~2011. I have a lot of public playlists, and while I like all music, I would recommend checking out my "Starred" playlist to get a taste of my strongest musical preferences.

Oh yeah, the URL to my Spotify profile is:

And my "Starred" playlist can be found here: