Lives in Chicago. Lives for the web.
I enjoy building elegant solutions to complex problems, predominantly using http.

...and we're live! 2018 Remix

Welcome to my site's newly-updated look. I've rearranged some content, removed some offensively-antiquated javascript functionality, and brought the responsive design into the 21st century by removing the "mobile" button prominently displayed on every page of the previous design. Theres even an API now, so you can get the relevant data about me programmatically. Data aggregators should love it!

Since I want this site to ultimately serve as a holistic snapshot of me, I've included some non-programming things, such as my hobbies, musical tastes, etc.

As always, feel free to drop a line and contact me for whatever (non-nefarious) reason.

Thanks for visiting (again),


November 24, 2018

...and we're live!

So the site is now live. Deploying with Rails, coupled with Phusion Passenger couldn't have been easier. In the near future I'd like to implement a deploy script with Capistrano, but as it stands I just "flipped the switch" so to speak in the server's config script. Regardless of future plans, the end result is the site is now up and running in production mode!

What you're reading right now will serve as the blog post section of the site that houses my ruminations on technology, life, or pretty much anything else. Hopefully you'll get something worthwhile out of it and enjoy reading the posts as much as I enjoy writing them.

On the left , you'll be able to browse the various sections of my site, see what I'm currently tinkering on, and contact me if you're feeling chatty. For now, just poke around the site and see if anything strikes your fancy. If you're on mobile, or just want distraction-free reading, tap or click the mobile icon that's just to the right of the header column, near the top of your screen.

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April 28, 2014